Your situation

Your business is slowing down or you are planning your retirement. You would like to transfer your company to a third-party acquirer or someone from your family/employees/friends.
Experts in business transfer transactions, we will assist you throughout the process.


We advise you and stay by your side

Is this the right time?

There is no such thing as an ideal time to transfer a business but you are better off not waiting too long or you risk seeing the value of your business decrease. Whenever the idea sprouts in your mind, contact us in order to better prepare for the transfer. The transfer process will go as follows:

1. Preparing your company

We analyze with you all of the cycles of your company and its global structure in order to adjust some items (e.g. superfluous expenses, obsolete equipment, etc.) and put it in optimal shape, in order to show your company's brightest side for the future acquirer.

2. Assessing the company

Together we will calculate, in compliance with appropriate methods, the value of your company and estimate its price. Value and price can be significantly different; we invite you to consult our practical fact sheet on valuation.

3. Planning the transaction

Although there is no ideal moment to transfer, we recommend that you contact us 2 to 3 years prior, if possible, in order to plan the transaction in the best conditions. (Although, we acknowledge that, at times, unexpected opportunities can arrive at any moment!). You should also be aware that the transfer process usually takes 6 to 12 months. Note that since November 1, 2014, employees must be notified of the upcoming transfer (in accordance with the applicable legislation "loi Hamon sur l'économie sociale et solidaire")

4. Searching for acquirers

You may already have a prospective acquirer in mind. If it is not the case, no worries, we will activate our dedicated networks to target potential candidates.

5. Realizing the transfer

To efficiently start the transaction process, we will draw up the file to present to the acquirer who will then send you a letter of intention (LOI) if he/she is interested. If you accept this letter, you will grant him/her a period of exclusivity and you will enter the audits phase and a possible additional negotiation may occur before signing the protocol and the Deed. Of course we will be by your side each step of the way.

6. Keep in mind a few exceptions:

Intra-family transfer: your children, for example, may wish to take over your business. In such case, the search for acquirers is not applicable. We can, however, assist you with the donation and financing aspects in order to limit taxation (solidarity tax on wealth, i.e. ISF – gift tax – pacte Dutreil)

Employee transfer: for a transfer to employees, we can also assist you in order to set up the best process

Fonds de commerce (Business commercial establishment) transfer: the steps are almost the same but simplified, as the audit phase is not (always) necessary


Why choose us?

Beyond our 30-year experience in assisting sellers and acquirers, our network will allow us to advise you on all additional assignments involved in your transfer, hence avoiding multiplying the interlocutors.

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