Taking over


Your situation

You are seeking to take over a company or a business commercial establishment. Whether your goal is to start on your own, generate external growth, or diversify your business, we will know how to help you seize the best opportunities for your project.


We will assist you in the following areas:

1. Advising

First, we will test together your project's feasibility. We could, if needed, direct you in the search of your future acquisition through our network.

2. Discovering your target

Once you have located the company (or business commercial establishment), we will analyze its presentation file together. We will probably need to visit it together before starting the negotiations and draw up a letter of intention (LOI).

3. Audit

We can take care of this phase for you in order to detect any possible risk linked to the acquisition and in that case, confirm or amend the LOI, the price, or the conditions of the transaction. After that, we will assist you in drawing up the protocol.

4. Financing

As an essential part of your project, the search for funds must be done by presenting your business plan. We will assist you in designing your plan and will put you in touch with our network to find the financial resources you need.
Finally, we will be by your side for the signature of the acquisition deed.


Why choose us?

Specialist in take-overs for over 30 years, we will put our experience and network of active collaborators to your service.

Once acquired, we will be by your side to manage other aspects (accounting, social, legal...): discover our ready-to-use plans!