starting my own business


Your situation

You wish to start your own business. Whether your idea is recent or you have been thinking about it for years, we will assist you throughout the process. To prepare yourself for each step, we wrote this article especially for you.


We assist you

1. How do I know if my idea is good?

Before getting started, you need to build your business model to test if your idea has potential to create value. With years of practice and expertise, we can guide you in this process.
For example, we will help you study the market, the potential clients, the prices, the context, the distribution canals, etc.
We can also direct you to the best experts in our network of collaborators.
If your business model is approved, you can go to the next step. If not, we can review each point together until your plan is viable


2. How to build my business plan?

You start with your business model and add the following components:
- technical aspects of your project
- legal, tax, social (choice of the business structure, the tax status). We are here to explain and compare the different options available according to your objectives.
- financing needs: we direct you to our network of banks and organisms that are able to assist you.


3. How to create my company?

At this stage, you need to take into account the following aspects:
- legal
- accounting
- administrative
To register your company while complying with the legal procedures, consult our plan "entrepreneur" for more information. In any case, we are here to help!


Why choose us?

Our network of CPAs and collaborators are here to help you build your business model – our 30-year-long experience in assisting business starters.

Ready to get started? Discover our special offer "entrepreneur" and contact us!
More information? Consult our advisory fact sheets and/or contact us.