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Your situation

You run your business daily and are thinking about expansion, investment, hiring opportunities, building on your strengths, progress axes, current economic performance, results in each business sector.


Our assignments and tools to assist you

Modeling and forecasting

Working closely with you, we will design together your annual operating budget, highlighting the key metrics to monitor in your daily management, such as the break-even point and cash flow forecasting.

Design of your financial dashboards

Following a timeline set together, we will show you the performance of your business in regards with forecasting. We emphasize the key preset metrics in order to allow you to adjust your management and your decisions throughout the whole fiscal year.

Analytical accounting implementation

In order to know your performance within your business sector, we design and monitor an analytical accounting plan, and define the distribution keys by sector.

Calculation of the cost price

Whether you are launching new products or sticking with your current line, we will calculate the direct cost prices and the volumes to reach in order to cover your fixed liabilities.

Expansion plan

You wish to develop a new product or service, start an external growth strategy? We will design the forecasting on 3 or 5 years, the financing plan, and advise you in financial engineering while assisting you in seeking funds.


We calculate the forecast of your future hires, look for potential aids for which you may be eligible, and draft the contract of employment. Discover our special Payroll plan

Daily operations

In order for you to focus fully on your business core, we will take care of all of your accounting, tax and social declarations filing, and legal secretary duties.
We will electronically file your social and tax filings and activate, if you so desire, the correlating direct deposits. Discover our special accountant plan.


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Our practical tools to monitor your daily expansion
Our 30-year experience in diverse business structures

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