Your situation

You are seeking to value your company or a business you may acquire. You want to foresee and estimate the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), the acquisition or sale of a target. Assessment is a delicate task that requires a team of experts.


We will assist you

Beyond the purely technical aspect of the assessment, we will advise and support you.

1. Is there a difference between value and price?

The value is a theoretical figure that answers to a number of criteria and is calculated based on a specific method. The price represents the amount that a third-party would accept to pay according to his/her own criteria, which in turn may vary through time and context. Moreover, the conditions of a transaction (term, guaranty...) also influence the price.
Therefore be prepared that the price may not match the value. With our assistance, we will give you the tools to bring value and price closer.

2. How to determine the value?

We will use the information you will provide us: finances, market positioning, specificities (tools, HR, etc.), product-market, cycle of life, etc.
We will use our databases and specific methods to determine the value based on three branches: assets, profitability and comparability.

3. Can we anticipate the price?

Our knowledge of the economic fabric, the market, the hundreds of assignments we have worked on the last 30 years allow us to suggest a realistic range of price for your sale, acquisition or any other transaction.
We will provide you with an assessment report.


The particular case of solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) and gifts: self-assessment

In compliance with the applicable tax legislations, we will offer the most relevant value within a range by using, among other tools, the company assessment manual published by the general tax administration.
Then what?
In the case of an acquisition or sale, once the assessment is complete we can of course assist you in the negotiations (consult our practical fact sheets "I am transferring a business" and "I am taking over") and/or in your assets and tax management post sale or in the case of a family transaction.


Why choose us?

Our experience and expertise in the field, our relationships with a number of networks including the CRA and the chambers of commerce. Our knowledge of the economic world, especially the SME and small and medium sized industries (PMI).

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