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clients all over France: TPE (very small businesses), PME (Small and medium-size businesses – European SME), liberal professions, associations (non-profit organizations), key accounts, comités d'entreprise (works councils/employee consultative committees), local authorities, etc.

€15.2 millions

of revenue



Our values

Professionalism, respect, and performance are the three core values that drive our firm's daily operations and our relationship with clients and collaborators.



By ensuring the highest level of competence and commitment, we deliver a meticulous yet inventive service while complying with rules and deadlines.



Everyone at DBF AUDIT shares this universal value, in order to provide you with a trustworthy, attentive and human relationship that will allow all of your projects to become possible.



A long-lasting business is by definition performing well! We put our own performance to your service to ensure the success of your projects and ambitions.




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